July 22, 2016

Learning Exploitation with Offensive Computer Security 2.0

After months of preparation, we are pleased to announce the official release schedule for Dr. Owen Redwood’s Offensive Computer Security (OCS) 2.0! This iteration of the course includes new content, all-new lectures, and all-new exercises. A video trailer of the material has been provided in this post as an outline of the examined topics. We've also included a brief summary of the access tiers, as there are free, teacher's, and professional packages available. Free and Teacher's packages are completely free. Verified educators may request rubric information and exams. When requesting course documents, please include verification of professorship and use an official collegiate .edu email address.

Parties interested in the professional packaging may contact us for sales and additional information.

Video Preview

This preview contains a brief highlight reel and overview of what OCS 2.0 offers.

Offensive Computer Security 2.0 Preview from Jason Reynolds on Vimeo.

Sound track provided by Dualcore Music.

Release Schedule

Videos will be released three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Exercises will be released as they are assigned in conjunction with the videos. Next week’s lecture releases will include Secure C/C++ 101, 102, and never-before-seen Secure C/C++ 103. Users with questions are welcome to start a text post on /r/hackallthethings and start a discussion. The titles in the schedule below will become hyperlinks as lectures are released.

Date#Lecture Title
07/25/20162Secure C 101
07/27/20163Secure C 102
07/29/20163bSecure C 103
08/01/20164Code Auditing
08/03/20165Linux & Permissions Spectrum
08/05/20166Windows Overview
08/10/20167Reverse Engineering 101
08/12/20168Reverse Engineering 102
08/15/20169Fuzzing 101
08/17/201610Midterm Review
08/19/201611Fuzzing 102
08/22/201612Exploitation 101
08/24/201613Exploitation 102
08/26/201614Exploitation 103
08/29/201615Networking 101
08/31/201616Networking 102
09/02/201617Web Exploitation 101
09/05/201618Web Exploitation 102
09/07/201619Web Exploitation 103
09/09/201620Exploitation 104
09/12/201621Exploitation 105
Bonus21bExam 2 Review
09/14/201622Exploitation 106
Bonus22bHistory of Exploitation
09/16/201623Exploitation 107
09/19/201624Social Engineering & Physical Security
09/21/201625Digital Forensics & Incident Response
09/23/201626Tying All The Things Together

For Academics, Students, & Non-profits

The standard, online Free student package includes all lecture videos, slides and homeworks, but does not include answer keys, exams, and exam answer keys because universities are using OCS materials. To prevent cheating, we do not release these freely. Educators may contact us to receive the Teacher's package which includes all these items, but the person must be a college faculty member or professor. Teacher's packages require educators to keep the rubrics, exams, and exam answer keys private, similar to publisher requirements for textbook answer keys.

Student clubs or capture the flag teams may work with an educator to gain this access, but the educator is ultimately responsible for keeping the materials private to prevent cheating. Additionally students, educators, or schools that wish to purchase the Premium package will receive an academic 50% discount, but academic status must be verified. Finally educational non-profit-organizations may contact us to work out similar arrangements.

Features & Packages

cross checkmark
Lecture Slides
Lecture Videos
Homework Assignments
Homework Rubrics
Exam Answer Keys
Grading by Hack All The Things

Parties interested in the professional packaging may contact us for sales and additional information.

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